Locally owned & operated, Old Friends Furniture Finishing was established in 1980, & specializes in furniture stripping, refinishing, repair and restoration.

Whether you own a precious antique, a modern piece, or an unfinished piece of furniture, we can provide the TLC to finish, and even custom color match it to your existing decor.

From small repairs to entire office suites, we can accommodate any request.

SERVING THE NORTHWEST SINCE 1980 WELCOME TO OLD FRIENDS CUSTOM FURNITURE STRIPPING, REFINISHING, RESTORATION & REPAIR Established in 1980, we are a locally owned and operated business specializing in furniture stripping, refinishing, repair and restoration. Have you just acquired an unfinished piece of furniture, and would like to custom color match it to your existing decor? Whether it’s a small repair on one item, or you would like to have an entire office suite redone, we can help.
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PROFESSIONALISM, QUALITY, VALUE “we have our vanity back and I'm delighted with how great it looks. The next time I have some furniture restoration needs, I'm headed their way. Richard and co. know their stuff!” Alex - Vancouver, WA
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We appreciate how much you care for your furniture. That is why we have made it our mission to always provide you with the furniture restoration process most suitable to your heirloom. We pay highest attention restoring each individual piece to your requested specifications and are certain that by the time our work for you is complete you will be entirely satisfied. Even though our company continues to grow, we believe in the value of a honest customer relationship. We strive to complete each job in a timely manner. Since we never compromise quality for the sake of speed we ask for your patience if our delivery estimate has to be extended at times. We invite you to take a look around our site to learn more about what we have to offer. You may bring your piece to our shop any time during our business hours, and one of our skilled employees will provide you with a free estimate. You can also email your photos to us at oldfriendsfurniture@gmail.com, or call us with your questions at 360-604-8565.
THE REFINISHING PROCESS: Our refinishing process starts by first removing any hardware from the furniture. This will be followed by the disassembly process, if need be. Doors need to be removed and glass and mirrors taken off. Lids need to be unhinged from the trunks, and we take special care to remove or cover any labels identifying the original manufacturer so they do not get destroyed during stripping. Next, the old finish and/or paint will be removed in a dip tank, or -- if we are working on a very delicate piece -- entirely by hand. The sanding process will smooth out any scratches and imperfections on the wood surfaces. Now the furniture piece is ready for color. After a one-on-one consultation with the customer we will apply the chosen stain or paint. Once the sealer coat has dried the entire piece needs to be lightly re-sanded again. We utilize a very durable conversion lacquer for the two to three finishing top coats. Again, a light sanding of the entire piece is required in between each additional application of lacquer coat. We can adjust the sheen of the top coat to each customer's preference. Once we get through the finishing process we get busy cleaning up the hardware and reassembling the entire piece. We utilize environmentally friendly products such as low VOC oil stains, low solvent VOC lacquers, and water-based stains and finishes. We are always EPA and Clean Air Act compliant.
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Are you contemplating turning that old unused wardrobe into a hip and functional wine bar? Let your imagination run wild and bring your ideas with the help of our skilled woodworkers to life. Has your furniture been damaged due to a fire in your house? Are your heirlooms covered in soot and barely recognizable anymore? We might be able to salvage your belongings by stripping and refinishing them. Let our craftsmen assess the damage and recommend whether or not your piece can be restored. Are you worried about that terrible odor that fire left behind? The stripping process will remove that odor and return the piece to its original state. After sanding your furniture piece smooth, it can then easily take on a new stain. Our finishing experts will work with you personally to match your color as close as possible, or let us suggest a stain color that will best bring out the natural beauty of your piece. Water damage on furniture is quite common. A drinking glass left on a wooden table, or a hot mug, might be a small, but can be very unsightly. Even furniture that has been standing in water due to a flood can often be salvaged. Mold often starts to develop on water-damaged wood, but whether it is your table top that has been ruined, the veneer on your cedar chest is buckling, or maybe the legs of your dresser have sat in water for too long, a thorough stripping would be the first step in completely restoring your belongings. Hand-sanding the entire surface of the effected area will prepare the wood for the new stain or paint, and the finishing lacquer coat will bring the rich luster of your furniture back and return a smile to your face. We provide pickup and delivery in the local Vancouver/Portland area for a reasonable fee.